The player count of CS:GO has skyrocketed thanks to worldwide quarantines keeping everyone indoors. On March 14th, CS:GO at peak hour had 1,001,756 players online at a single moment. This marks the first time this eight-year-old FPS game would have over a million players online.

The player count records continued to climb over the next two weeks and have now reached 1,100,000 players online. This showing that one million players weren’t some strange phenomenon as counts continue to rise.

Source SteamCharts | March 28th

CS:GO’s popularity has played a strange effect as most games peak two to three years after their release date. Whereas CS:GO is more popular than ever eight years after its release. Most agree that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is very outdated compared to games released in the present day.

Counter-Strike has built a reputation for being very consistent and competitive. It’s difficult to frequently update a popular game without delivering game-breaking updates that affect the meta. There have been a few game-breaking updates in CS:GO’s history, but Valve quickly patched them to give balance back to the game.

It’s interesting to see how the COVID-19 outbreak doubles most game player counts. Once the quarantine is ceased and people return to work, the player counts will plummet back to their normal status. As for now, absurdly high numbers will show in player counts, and we can only hope that servers remain stable.

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