The CS20 weapon skin case includes its unique knives and arguably the best-looking AWP sniper rifle skin in CSGO. The unique set of knives is an honorable mention of the Counter-Strike series’s roots, the knife model used in Counter-Strike Source.

The reappearance of the knife set in future cases is very unlikely due to the case’s nature and its included knives. This will be the first-ever case in CSGO to have its own unique set of knives, which will play a significant role in the future value of the CS20 case.

As of late 2020, the CS20 case is actively dropping in matches and will continue to do so for the time being. There is no set-in-stone date for when the case will become a discontinued drop, so we recommend that short-term investors stay away from this case. The CS20 case is for those who can invest and forget about it, as it may take several years to become a discontinued drop.

So this would be a good investment in my opinion, but maybe not worth it if you are looking to sell all investments by summer season next year.

EDGYMACHINE‘s CS20 case outlook

There will likely be a little-to-no return on investment until the CS20 weapon skin case becomes discontinued because the supply will no longer be able to meet demand.

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