Here is every Rare Star pattern seed for the Glock-18 Moonrise in CSGO. Our guide goes in-depth on this rare pattern and will show you everything you should know.

What is the Star Pattern for the Glock-18 Moonrise?

The Glock-18 Moonrise creator announced that the skin has a rare pattern where a white star appears on a small metal area. This pattern is two times more rare than a Karambit Doppler having a sapphire pattern. Unfortunately, the irregular pattern on the Glock-18 Moonrise doesn’t add much to the skin, so the pattern only gets slightly overpaid on the community market.

Glock 18 | Moonrise Star pattern

All Glock-18 Moonrise Star Pattern Seeds (Total 44)

  1. Paint seed (0-250)
    • 19, 31, 38, 58, 59, 66, 90, 95, 102, 109, 121, 137, 142, 165, 194, 224, 237
  2. Paint seed (251-500)
    • 268, 280, 302, 355, 385, 403, 448, 475, 484, 487
  3. Paint seed (501-750)
    • 509, 601, 617, 628, 630, 667, 694, 706, 737, 744
  4. Paint seed (751-1000)
    • 769, 800, 837, 864, 913, 958, 986

How Rare is the Glock-18 Moonrise Star Pattern?

Looking at the number of seeds listed in our guide, many think it is very common to receive this rare pattern. However, in reality, there is a 4.4% chance an unboxed Glock-18 Moonrise will have the Star pattern.

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We hope you enjoyed our guide on the Glock-18 Moonrise star pattern. Feel free to ask any questions or post a trade in the comments below.

8 Replies to “Glock-18 Moonrise Guide | Rare Star Pattern Seeds”

  • tinus says:

    i have a FN Glock Moonrise, Pattern seed 355, Float 0.042

  • Aditya says:

    I want to sell a rare pattern 694 of Glock Moonrise (MW)

  • Gilbert says:

    I dont see a pattern 666. Is it rare?

  • Martin Nielsen says:

    i had 1 glock 18 moonrise FN witt Seed Pattern 737 you can get it for 6 euro

  • Cameron Smith says:

    I have a factory new Glock-18 star pattern (pattern 90) not sure what I should be looking at some places are evaluating it from 20 euro to 80 euro, so its difficult to know what the true price is.

  • Kuba says:

    Posiadam dwa takie glocki w paternie 102 i 958, mam pytanie ile mogą byc warte takie glocki w FT. Z góry dziękuję za odpowiedź

  • Marcos Gonzalez says:

    i have a field tested moonrise with this patter (864) how would i go about valuing it?

    • SkinLords says:

      There is no set value of how much more a star pattern will be worth because the demand isn’t high enough.
      If you can find the right buyer who wants the rare pattern, then 3-4x market seems reasonable… otherwise I think 1.5x-2x market value.

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